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Corona(COVID19) Updates



Novel Corona Virus instructions
2 District control Room Work Distribution
3 Office Order issue by Chief Secretary for work distribution at State Level for Covid19
4 Official Order for establishment of Satellite Control Room for Contact tracing & limit spread of Covid19
5 The Uttarakhand  Epidemic  Disease  COVID-19 Regulation 2020
6 Instructions for voluntary blood donor
7 Office Order for Dedicated Covid-19 Hospitals



Novel Corona Virus Advisory 
2 Advisory for FRI
3 Advisory for Malls
4 Advisory for Tourists
5 SDRF_COVID19_Preparedness
6 Advisory for KMVN and GMVN
7 Advisory for Child and Old age people
8 Advisory for Covid19 by Chief Secretary
9 Advisory for Board Student of Uttarakhand
10 Advisory for Board Student of FRI Uttarakhand
11 Order by Health Secretary for Lock-Down till 31st March 2020
12 Order By DG Health regarding Cancellation of all Holiday for Health Worker
13 Advisory for Citizens During Lock Down
14 Advisory on the use of hydroxy-chloroquine as prophylaxis for SARS-CoV-2 infection_page-0001



Ambulance Transfer
2. COVID 19 case and contact definition
3 Guidelines for Infection Prevention Control for suspected case 
4 Sample collection_packaging and transport 
5 Social Distancing Advisory 
6 Use of mask - by public 
7 Guidelines for home quarantine 
8 Guidelines on COVID-19 infection screening flow chart
9 Protocol for Hospitals with Suspected Confirmed cases of COVID-19
10 Discharge Policy of COVID-19 Case
11 Biomedical Waste Management for COVID 19
12 Guideline on Contact tracing
13 Guidelines for Disinfection of Transport Vehicles
14 Guideline on Cluster containment Strategy
15 Guidelines for Disinfection of Public Toilets
16 Guidelines+for+notifying+COVID-19+affected+persons+by+Private+Institutions
17 Guidelines on Clinical Management of COVID19
18 guidelines for Quarantine facilty

Health Bulletin of Covid19 for Uttarakhand

1 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_15 march 2020
2 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_16 march 2020
3 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_17 march 2020
4 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_18 march 2020
5 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_19 march 2020
6 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_20 march 2020
7 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_21 march 2020
8 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_22 march 2020
9 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_23 march 2020
10 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_24 march 2020
11 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_25 march 2020
12 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_26 march 2020
13 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_27 march 2020
14 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_28 march 2020
15 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_29 march 2020
16 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_30 march 2020
17 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_31 march 2020
18 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_1 April 2020
19 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_2 April 2020
20 Health Bulletin COVID 19_Uttarakhand_3 April 2020