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State Profile


The state can be divided in 3 zones for the purpose of surveillance

1- Upper Himalayas:

  • The District of Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pithoragarh and some part of Rudraprayag are situated in this area.
  • The disease occurring due to the cold like Frostbite, Pneumonias, Pulmonary Odema, Sunburn are the commonest diseases occurring in this area.
  • During the year 2004-05 an episode of plague occurred at Dangud village of District Uttarkashi.
  • The tick typhus occurring in the Himanchal Pradesh is a potential danger for spread in the area.

2-Middle Himalayas:

  • This area consist Tehri, Dehradun, Pauri, Rudraprayag, Champawat, Almora, Bageshwar, Nainital & Dehradun. This area is hilly but the mobility of people is maintained through whole season of the year,
  • This area is rich in forest, flora therefore the diseases like allergy to Pollen- Asthma and Bronchitis are common. Tuberculosis is another common diseases occurring in this area. Diseases like Measles & Viral Fever are ther common diseases.
  • Recently a indigenous case of Kala-ajar has been deducted in district Bageswar.

3-Foot hill area:

  • The districts of Hardwar, Udham Singh Nagar & Nainital are situated in this area.
  • The cases of polio, dengue, JE & Meningitis are frequently occurring in this area.
  • The Haridwar is a religious place and the people during the whole year are visiting the area. The disease like leprosy is also quite common among Beggars and Sadhus.
    • In the snow bound area of district of Chamoli, Uttarkashi & Pithoragarh the Bhotias tribal are residing and in the past has been in trade with the Tibet.
    • The area of Jaunsar Bhabar in Kalsi and Chakrautta tehsil of dist. Dehradun and Ranwain in Thatyur and Naugaon Block of UttaraKashi is another tribal area. Due to polyandry STD was common in this area.
    • The Tharu tribe lives in the foot hill area of Khatima in Udham Singh Nagar, Goiter and diseases related to iodine deficiencies were common in the past. Goiter is not a problem now a days.
  • Tribal Area: