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Uttarakhand Health & Population Policy


Policy Objectives

To address the health issuses of Uttarakhand, Government has embarked upon the formulation of comprehensive, integrated, state-specific health and population policy.This policy reflects the needs aspirations and view of the people of Uttarakhand.

Health Objectives

  • * Eradicate polio by 2007.
  • * Reduce the level of leprosy to below 1 per 10,000 population by December 2007 (Uttarakhand has achieved P/R -0.72/10000)
  • * Reduce mortality on account of tuberculosis, malaria, and other vector and water-borne diseases by 50 percent by 2010.
  • * Reduce prevalence of blindness from around 1 to 0.3 percent by 2010.
  • * Reduce Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) by 50 percent of the present level by 2010.
  • * Reduce RTIs to below 10 percent among men and women by 2007.
  • * Increase awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Population Stabilization Objectives

  • Reduce the total fertility rate (TFR) from the current estimated level of 3.3 to 2.6 by 2006 and further 2.1 to 2010
  • Reduce the crude birth rate (CBR) from 26 to 22.6 by 2006 and further to 19.9 by 2010.
  • Increase modern contraceptive prevalence (CPR) from the present level of 40 percent to 49 percent by 2006 and to 55 percent by 2010
  • Reduce infant mortality rate (IMR) from the present level of 50 per 1000 live births to 41 by 2006 and further to 28 by 2010
  • Reduce the child mortality rate (CMR) from the present level of 19 to 17 by 2006 and further to below 15 per 1000 live births by 2010
  • Reduce maternal mortality rate (MMR) from the present level to 300 per 100000 live births by 2006 and further to below 100 by 2010
  • Increase life expectancy at birth from 63 years in 2001 to 67 years by 2006 and 70 years by 2010

Proposed Strategy:

In the 10th (2002-07) 5 year plan about 240 Subcenters, 19 PHCs, 26 CHCs, 7 Blood banks, 5 TB Clinics, 1 District Hospital at Rudraprayag and 3 Regional Diagnostic Centers have been established.

In the 11th 5 year plan (2007-2012) the objective of Directorate of Medical Health & Family Welfare is "Health for All"

Under this

  • To provide medical heath services in states remotest and disadvantaged blocks 3080 new subcenters will be established 275 new PHCs 35 new CHCs
  • Apart from the above in district Bageshwar and Champawat specialist hospitals will be established.
  • To provide Neo natal care services to neonates NICU will be established in all Districts, in order to reduce neo natal mortality.
  • To establish & strengthen emergency services in 10 district hospitals situated in national road routes. The objective is to provide good & effective emergency services in cases of road accidents and during natural disaster. Further, it is proposed to establish 5 new blood banks.
  • To strengthen paramedical staff and to train nurses, a nursing institute will be established in Dehradun to provide BSc nursing training to aspirants. This activity will be taken up in the 11th Five Year Plan. In 3 districts ANM training centers will be strengthened and will begin training of ANMs in the 11th Five year plan.
  • Considering natural disaster and accidents in 30 Block Hospitals Postmortem Centers will be establish.
  • In difficult and disadvantage areas where SC & ST population is existing will be provided with health services through 10 Mobile Hospital Vans under TCP program