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Immunization Programme


Current Scenario of Routine Immunization
As per NFHS-III (2005-06), 60% of children age 12-23 months are fully vaccinated against 6 major childhood illnesses; tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis and measles. However, most children are atleast partially vaccinated; only 9% have received no vaccination at all. 

Most, but all children (84%) have received a BCG vaccination. However, fewer children received at least three doses of polio vaccine (80%), and even fewer received at least the recommended three DPT injections (67%). Seven in 10 children (72%) have been vaccinated against measles. The DPT and polio vaccines are given in a series. Many children receive the first dose but do not finish the series. Between the first and third doses, the dropout rate for polio is 10 percent and the dropout rate for DPT is 18 percent.

There has been an increase in full vaccination coverage between NFHS-2 (41%) and NFHS-3 (60%). The coverage of each of the vaccines has increased by 1-18 percentage points between NFHS-2 and NFHS-3. In spite of the Pulse Polio Campaign which is attempting to eradicate the disease in India, one-fifth of children in Uttarakhand still have not received three doses of polio vaccine.

Children in urban areas, children of educated mothers, children in wealthier households, and children not belonging to a scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, or other backward classes are more likely than other children to have received all the recommended vaccinations. The percentage of fully vaccinated children differs only marginally by sex. Nevertheless, a higher percentage of boys than girls have received each individual vaccine.

Routine Immunization Scheduled


TT - Pregnant mother – 2 doses


BCG – 0-6 weeks


DPT/ Polio- 3 doses - 6 /10/14 weeks


Measles – 9- 12 months & 1st dose of Vitamin A


Booster – OPV + DPT 18 to 24 months


5 doses of Vitamin A at 6 months interval


DT at 5 years


TT at 10 years & at 16 years

Service Providers


Routine Immunization


ANM at sub centre and APHC/ PHC/CHC/ District Hospital


1st Wednesday of every month at sub centre and in District Hospitals every Wednesday.


Out reach sessions to be held on every Saturday(VHND)


Sessions sites are either Aaganwadi centre / Panchayat Bhawan/ Schools.

In out reach sessions social mobilization by Aaganwadi workers and ASHA
The trend of vaccination coverage as per NFHS and DLHS is presented below—

Trend in Vaccination Coverage

Percentage of children 12-23 months receiving vaccinations

NFHS-2 (1998-99)  NFHS-3 (2005-06)

DLHS-2 (2002-04)  DLHS-3 (2007-08)