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Novel Corona Virus instructions
2 District control Room Work Distribution
3 Office Order issue by Chief Secretary for work distribution at State Level for Covid19
4 Official Order for establishment of Satellite Control Room for Contact tracing & limit spread of Covid19
5 The Uttarakhand  Epidemic  Disease  COVID-19 Regulation 2020
6 Instructions for voluntary blood donor
7 Office Order for Dedicated Covid-19 Hospitals
8 Voluntary Blood Donation Program to full fill the clinical requirement of blood Throughout the Country.
9 Notice for absentee Doctor PMHS of Uttrakhand for Re-joining within 2 weeks
10 Regarding Non-disclosure of identity of individuals with covid-19
11 MHA Order Dt. 29.4.2020 on movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons
12 Instruction for migrant workers from Uttarakhand.