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Novel Corona Virus instructions
2 District control Room Work Distribution
3 Office Order issue by Chief Secretary for work distribution at State Level for Covid19
4 Official Order for establishment of Satellite Control Room for Contact tracing & limit spread of Covid19
5 The Uttarakhand  Epidemic  Disease  COVID-19 Regulation 2020
6 Instructions for voluntary blood donor
7 Office Order for Dedicated Covid-19 Hospitals
8 Voluntary Blood Donation Program to full fill the clinical requirement of blood Throughout the Country.
9 Notice for absentee Doctor PMHS of Uttrakhand for Re-joining within 2 weeks
10 Regarding Non-disclosure of identity of individuals with covid-19
11 MHA Order Dt. 29.4.2020 on movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons
12 Instruction for migrant workers from Uttarakhand.
13  Advisory to be followed to enter into Uttarakhand state from 1" April 2021 onwards.