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Corona Guidelines


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1. Ambulance Transfer
2. COVID 19 case and contact definition
3 Guidelines for Infection Prevention Control for suspected case 
4 Sample collection_packaging and transport 
5 Social Distancing Advisory 
6 Use of mask - by public 
7 Guidelines for home quarantine 
8 Guidelines on COVID-19 infection screening flow chart
9 Protocol for Hospitals with Suspected Confirmed cases of COVID-19
10 Discharge Policy of COVID-19 Case
11 Biomedical Waste Management for COVID 19
12 Guideline on Contact tracing
13 Guidelines for Disinfection of Transport Vehicles
14 Guideline on Cluster containment Strategy
15 Guidelines for Disinfection of Public Toilets
16 Guidelines+for+notifying+COVID-19+affected+persons+by+Private+Institutions
17 Guidelines on Clinical Management of COVID19
18 guidelines for Quarantine facilty
19 Guidelines for Screening Centers and isolation Facilities in Hospitals
20 Guideline for notifying COVID-19 affected persons by Private Institution
21 Guideline on Cluster Containment Strategy
22 Guidelines on disinfection of common public places including offices
23 GuideLines Revised Strategy of COVID19 testing-converted
24 Letter from MOHFW regarding Guideline
25 Letter Regarding extension of Lockdown period due to COVID-19
26 Lockdown-2.0 Guidelines
27 Lockdown-3.0-Guidelines
28 Lockdown-4.0-Guidelines
29 Lockdown-5.0-Guidelines
30 As per instruction GOI, Decission taken regarding Green, Red & Orange Zone
31 Zone Categorization- Uttarakhand as on 31.05.2020
32 SOP - Contact Tracing for COVID-19 Cases
33 Guidelines to be followed on detection of suspect/confirmed COVID-19 case in a Non- Covid Health Facility
34 list of high load Covid19 infected cities at present
35 In District Dehradun 2 days lockdown in every week.
36 Guide Lines for oppening of Hotels and Hospitals Services, restaurants, Malls, Religious Place/ Places of Worship
37 Guidance on rapid antibody kits for COVID-19
38 Guidelines on sample collection for COVID patient Accord. to ICMR
39 Containment Plan for COVID-19
40 Office Order regarding Contact Tracing
41 Guidance on appropriate management of suspect/confirmed cases of COVID-19
42 Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19
43 Guidelines for Infection prevention & Control of COVID-19
44 Covid-19 Guidelines Module for Security Personals
45 Guidelines for Safaiwala and other cleaning/Disinfection Team Members
46 Updated list of high load Covid19 infected cities at present
47 Revised Home Isolation Guidelines
48 Guidelines for Phased Re-Opening (Unlock -3)- Dated 29.7.2020
49 Phased Re-Opening (Unlock -3)- Dated 04.08.2020
50 Revised Advisory on Containment Zone Management
51 User Manual and Training Session for home isolation(
52 Clinical Guidance on Diabetes Management at COVID-19 Patient Management Facility 
53 Guidelines for Phased Re-opening (Unlock 4)
54 Recommendations of Committee regarding technical inputs and decision support of COVID-19
55 Regarding Standard Operating Procedures for establishing Control Room for monitoring home isolated covid-19 patients.
56 Dedicated COVID facility-Private Hospital
57 For Establishment of Virtual Control Room For Oxygen
58 Surveillance, Containment and caution हेतु ग्रह मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार द्वारा निर्गत दिशा निर्देशों के सम्बन्ध में
59 Advisory to be followed to enter into Uttarakhand state from 1" April 2021 onwards.

Regarding to organizing Holi and other festivals with a view to preventing Covid-19 infection.


Regarding organizing the marriage ceremony for the control of the activation of Covid-19


Guidelines regarding the precautions to be taken in the government offices of the state


Regarding prevention of second wave of activation of Covid-19.

64. SOP and guidelines  for 2nd wave of corona
65. SOP for international  arrivals, gymnasiums, yoga institutes, Hotels and others
66. Regarding prevention of second wave of activation of Covid-19
67. Regarding prevention of Covid-19